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Changing Project Scheduling into a

Revolutionary and Powerful

Interactive Graphical Process

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CASCAD-e is an entirely new way to carry out Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling for projects.  It utilizes TSPD on a calendar time grid and is based on over 40 years of teaching and consulting experience with TSPD scheduling.  CASCAD-e is the first version of TSPD scheduling in which precedence relationships automatically and instantly determine the impact of movements or changes in one or multiple activities and or precedence relationships.  It is the first project scheduling approach to use a totally graphic approach to developing and utilizing the schedule.  Using CASCAD-e gives both the newcomer and the experienced scheduling practitioner the ease of development and vastly improved insight into the emerging schedule.


CASCAD-e Benefits

  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Allows the involvement of the project team in the development of new schedules or the review and modification of an existing schedule
  • Facilitates review of logic and strategy, error detection, and real-time adjustments to the schedule
  • Promotes team identification & evaluation of alternative approaches
  • Provides efficient, effective display format - displays multiple activities per line
  • Displays clearly the nature & effect of precedence relationships, lag factors, and imposed dates
  • Provides real-time, on-screen movement of activities, vertically & horizontally
  • Maintains precedence relationships when activities are moved
  • Allows graphical comparison of any updated schedule to a baseline schedule
  • Permits assignment of Resources to activities and creation of a real-time graphical display for resource leveling
  • Allows the allocation of costs to individual activities or sections and the real-time graphical display of those costs
  • Allows the Import/Export to and from conventional scheduling programs as well as some spreadsheet programs
  • Prompts the frequent comment, "I can read this schedule!"